OSLO NRK: Tupac Art Work Stolen From Gallery

The exhibition with 12 big pics of American rapper Tupac Shakur, known as 2Pac, have been hanging for over half a year in Skøyen. The pictures, according to the gallery, has a value of over 300,000 kroner.

"But these pictures have hung outdoors, and anyone could actually steal them. Are you surprised?

- We are really. Because the images have been bolted firmly. But we discussed that there is a chance that someone can destroy, tag, or steal. But you get shocked nevertheless, "says Einer Hatlo. General Manager of Featuring Spaces

The pictures were hung with very thick wires, so you had to use special tools to steal them. The gallery owners therefore believe that the theft must have been planned over time, and today it has been reported to be police.

"Now we work to follow the video tracks. There are several surveillance cameras in the area that may have captured theft, "says Tinius Greve from Featuring Spaces.

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